Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Caturday

Now that I'm awake... I have stuff to meow about!

1. Did you know that little hussy girl posts when I'm zonked out?
I don't really think that's FAIR, do you?

2. ... I totally could have, and planned to, yak up a hairball
on that d***ned mat, but she beat me to it. That's not fair either.

3. A totally random fact about ME: It's my job to greet mom when she wakes up every morning.
Lots of the time I'm right on the bed, so it's easy but sometimes I have to come back
from other parts of the house, stopping what I'm doing, just to greet her and
snorgle with her and make sure she knows she's loved.

You younger ones may not realize this, but hoomins are so fragile, they really need
lots of looking after. 

And now I have other stuff to do - very IMPAWTANT - stuff, so mom has a few words to say.

Mom's note:

I went to Petsmart looking for a better wand/fishing toy for Leia. It's so hard to find anything that looks truly sturdy and meant for cats with sharp teeth and fast claws. Too many bits that will fall off and get swallowed in a heartbeat. Toby likes watching her be crazy but isn't really into chasing stuff around. But don't try to get between him and his stuffed critter; he gets that nip-high and off he goes.

Also, I noticed Grumpy Cat has a Christmas line of toys. They sure are marketing the tar out of her, aren't they? I've long been a fan of GC, even have a stuffie (for me) but I'm beginning to be slightly uncomfortable. They are making a fortune off her medical condition. It's hard to put into words but ... Maybe it's because I see my cats as family members, and I sure wouldn't want to profit off a condition they had. Obviously she's not aware of this but....

I just hope her quality of life is through the roof with all this.


  1. You know my momma agrees with your momma about GC. They never leave her alone and always as you said, marketing the tar out of her , the sweet baby.

    Humans are fragile. I didn't lay on her forehead all night and she got paranoid about it and missed me, called me in the night and didn't sleep ANY better with the freedom she had. I was there..behind her head and never did get on it. It worries her.

    1. Katie!!! We are happy to see you out of commenting prison!!!

    2. Fanks yoo. I still can't comment on WP blogs though. *sad ears*

  2. Toby, it's hard living with girlcats...we know. ~Wally & Ernie

  3. Toby, you and Leia each have your roles at your house! I wouldn't stress about it too much.

    P.S. Why does Grumpy Cat have her own line of stuff, and I'm having a hard time getting even 3,000 Instagram followers? Not fair! And yeah, she'd better be living in the lap of luxury, with home vet visits and stuff.

  4. Aww Toby, it’s so sweet of you to greet your mom when she wakes up! You are right, humans are so fragile. I don’t know what to do without my boys :-)

  5. Hey, I greet mom and dad when they wake too. I just sit there staring at them until they open their eyes and start paying attention to me.

  6. Toby we all know you are king and you 'just let Leia' thank she is in charge. MOLMOL. Such a gentleman you are.
    Mom is not familiar with Grumpy Cats and that is probably good 'cause she'd be angry too.
    Happy Saturday my lovelies and you are correct sick humans are a bit crotchety. MOLMOL
    Madi your bfff

  7. Toby, we love that you greet Mom like that every morning. That's Gracie's job at our house. :)

    We hope GC has a good quality of life, too.

  8. Toby, I’m sorry you missed the hairball opportunity. You need to do some extra bathing so you can have a big one at the ready. It’s nice of you to take care of your mom. The humans really are fragile. I agree!

    We didn’t know GC has health problems. That’s a shame. You’re so right how marketed she is. I was in Paris two years ago and saw one of her products in a shop there. I was surprised that she’s even popular in France.

    1. I don't think she's actively suffering, but her face is caused by some kind of genetic abnormality. I wouldn't even mind really, except that she's always portrayed in a very nasty light.

  9. Toby, It is totally NOT fair.
    What!?! She co-opted the mat with HER hairball?
    And I, Marvelous, though I am young, know how important is is for our humans to feel loved - especially first thing in the morning.
    And Leia and Mom, I have the best wand toy in the world. I LOVE my ratty and drag it all over the house. It is actually a dog wand toy that my Uncle Robert sent for Cinnamon last year. Mommy LOVES it too because it appears to be indestructible. I gnaw on it and chew it and bunny kick it and it is still in great shape.

  10. I agree about Grumpy Cat and won't buy any of the merchandise. They are making money due to a fluke of nature which makes her look like that. When all is said and done, they are using her as a cash cow, or maybe I should say a cash cat.
    Toby, I think you will have to yak up a super duper hairball that puts Leia's to shame.

  11. Toby, maybe you and Leia need to make hairball yakking plans!

  12. The best wand toy is da bird :) I agree with you about Grumpy cat. I hope a lot of money goes to charity too.

  13. I greet my mom every morning too, Toby. I think it's a boy thing.


  14. Nice selfie, Toby, and a good morning routine with the peeps. Mine is so good I get to do it at least twice after midnight sometimes three times! Once done then I can sleep for a bit and let the human carry on with the house keeping duties MOL
    Hmm I hope GC does have a good retirement fund going for when the days get too much. Just enough to keep me in hot and hot running mice and bowls of cream 24/7 . MOL
    Toodle pip

  15. yes with think the same as you about GC,xx Speedy

  16. dood....ya best hope yur sisturr knot reedin thiz post usin de huzzee werd N all !!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    N we catz a greez bout grumpy; we onlee hope herz livin de high life ~ ♥♥

  17. Toby, you and Bear should start a support group ... Stupid Younger Sisters Anonymous?! Maybe Stupid Smaller Sisters?! It is true however that sisters are forever ... sometimes you just have to suck it up ;) And I mean, at least Leia's cute, right?!

  18. I am not sure Grumpy Cat will be much affected by the toys stuff though. She doesn't have to model and I think they protect her from too much exploitation.

    Toby you concentrate on being the lovely cat you are. You are Mum's main protector!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew