Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rarely Wordless Wednesday

Don't you just hate when Moms catch you doing something you don't want her to know about?
I kinda made a big deal about how I didn't care too terribly much for this very soft, warm, new throw we got but DARN if she didn't see me on it today. I only did it because... because... Toby has been hogging it for hours that's why.

Listen, little tabby girl, Mom put this here for ME because I've spent the last two or three days and nights on the couch, and she wanted to make sure I was warm enough. My owwie parts are very much more owwie than yours, you know. Now I've been pushed to the back of the couch. Not fair!!

I wanted to talk about something we haven't mentioned yet - Toby's teeth. He needs a dental, but we also discovered a few months back that he has resorptive lesions - teeth are starting to reabsorb into his jaw. That's as nasty as it sounds. At best we need extraction; he may even require his jaw drilled into, if we are very unlucky. And the price tag, of course, is also hideous - $700-1,200 (includes dental, bloodwork, everything). For us that is a LOT of money. This procedure can only be done at one of two local hospitals. It requires special Xray equipment to see exactly what they are dealing with.

I'm told this is also painful. I've watched him carefully and as yet, we are definitely not at the excruciating phase, but I won't doubt the professionals' word on this. It's a progressive condition.

If all goes well, this will probably happen in February. That's Cat Dental Month,
and we are hoping for a discount from the vet to help with the cost.

We sincerely hope none of your cats require this procedure.


  1. Oh Toby! Here's hoping your teefs issue is not as dire as could be, and of course we want you to be painfree. Maybe Leia will curl up with you on that throw?

  2. I'm sending Toby lots of purrs in preparation for this procedure - I know he will feel lots better once it is done!

  3. You should set up a go fund page or just a paypal badge on the side of your blog- everyone loves Toby and would help ( myself included). My Angel Snowball had lost all her teeth to that. XO

  4. Poor, poor boy! Dental costs for cats are absolutely outrageous--we agree with 15 and Meowing. We will purr that he does not suffer much pain in the meantime. :-(

    Leia, we think there's room enough for Toby on that on the very edge or something.

  5. Poor Toby. Resorption lesions can be painful so it’s best to get it taken care of. The mom says seems like nothing about us cats is cheap. Sending Toby lots of purrs....

  6. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Toby’s teeth. We sure don’t want him to suffer from pain... I imagine there is a discount during Dental Month. I hope everything will go well. Sending warm hugs your way xo

  7. Oh, poor Toby. That certainly does sound terrible, and we hope that those can be taken care of before the pain is too bad. We agree about setting up a go fund me page. Something to consider. Purrs and hugs.

  8. Poor Toby! We will be praying for him!

  9. I am happy that you guys are good at sharing. I, Marvelous have no achy parts - yet. I will add my purrayers for Toby.

  10. I am sorry you are having so much trouble with your teeth, Toby. Eric had 5 teeth removed with resorptive lesions. Flynn had one but never had any more trouble with them afterwards.

  11. Raven has had one tooth removed due to resorptive lesion. She also had a previously broken upper fang removed at the same time. So far, none of her other teeth have shown lesions, but she is due for a dental cleaning (probably next month).