Sunday, December 10, 2017

Leia Reports on Monday

...except that I don't have much to meow about. It's been pretty quiet here lately.

Although I did HISS at Toby yesterday. Mom doesn't really know why; she
knows we were hanging out in front of the glass door; something happened,
I walked away and as I was carefully, daintily, placing my velvety 
tiny paws on the floor, I turned my head and HISSSED at that orange beastly boy.
I've never quite done that before so Mom was very surprised.

Well, a lady keeps her secrets, so she can just keep on wondering.

The thing that Toby was laying on the other day was mom's fleece jacket.
Very, very warm and cuddly. So naturally she takes it back and gives us
a towel in its place. Meh. Not nearly as good.

And yes, we KNOW it's been very cold out there! So what,
we both really liked that jacket.


** a few weeks back, Katie Isabella posted about her mom's kitteh PJs. Our mom has several themed pieces of sleepwear.. so... here's a survey - do your hoomins have themed sleepwear?? 


  1. Leia, in my mind, brothers are made for being hissed at, but my brother is Pierrot. Fleece is way better than a towel, especially when it's cold!

    The lady has two kitty pajamas. She voted in the survey.

  2. Leia, maybe you saw something outside that upset you a little and you took it out on Toby. Wally does that to me sometimes. ~Ernie

  3. There was probably some critter outside that bothered you, Leia, and you took it out, just a little bit, on Toby.

    P.S. My human has flannel Hello Kitty PJs... but she only wears them when her boyfriend is out of town, or she's out of town with me and not him.

  4. We bet you saw something outside that upset you, Leia. Then you decided to tell Toby all about it.

  5. My mommy was wearing hers again last night. I love the survey. Hope some kittie's let you know.

  6. Leia darlin' I hiss at my human sissy when she comes to visit.
    Mom calls us to hissies passing on the stairs. Yep sissy has started hissing back at me. MOLMOL Older sisters can be so annoying.
    Mom's only theme to her pjs is that they not be toooooo tight.
    She only wears one style of Jockey's pjs all year around.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. When Goro and Niko are watching outside together, sometimes they end up whapping at each other. Usually it's because of Goro getting too excited by critters outside. Maybe similar situation occurred?
    I don't have themed PJs - just worn out t-shirts :-)

  8. guys....we toll ya that bass terd rooster mat wood bring crazzee nezz ta yur kneadz ta !!! ☺☺♥♥
    we will sneek over two de sir vay N haza look see ~~ ☺☺♥♥

  9. Maybe an intruder was outside and because you couldn't hiss at it, you hissed at Toby instead.

  10. Leia is allowed her moods I guess! We all hiss sometimes at those we love for no reason!

  11. Leia and Toby, I cannot tell you how many of my sweaters I've given up to the cats! If they like it, I leave it for them...then go find another one to wear...hehehehe!

  12. We're betting he was trading gases with the universe, Leia!

  13. Brody said that Toby probably deserved the hiss. I have 5 sets of pajamas with cats :)

  14. We get those random hisses around here too ... Ellie likes to whap at Bear as he walks past - and he shows her what for ;)

  15. I--Marvelous--do NOT have anyone to hiss at (until next week when Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon come for Christmas) but I DO his at Mommy sometimes - for NO reason!

    1. MARV! Now knock that off! Nellie? Come and see him again i his dream tonight.

  16. That was a short survey, MOL! TBT doesn't have kitty-themed sleepwear.

  17. I LOVE your response to my bloggie. XXX

  18. Somethings, boy cats just need a hissing at. That's what we think anyway. Theme pajamas? Not unless you call paint-spattered shorts and sleeveless short top something themed! Our Mom isn't that bright when it comes to cute, good looking pajamas.

  19. Just letting you know we're thinking of all you ... and we care :)