Friday, September 14, 2018


We here at Whiskeratti try very hard not to let the real world intrude on our blog,
as do most of our fellow cat and dog bloggers. We regard the CB as a haven.

But, the situation with Florence and her destruction is breaking our hearts.

Until about 1.5 years ago, we lived in Fayetteville, NC, which is currently taking a huge beating. Massive flooding, winds, everything is just awful there. We are very grateful to no longer be living there, but we did during that October two years ago when Matthew came through, and we remember.

If you are following the stories, you will be hearing that name mentioned a lot, for comparison. The flooding was intense, for much the same reason as now - we'd already had too much rain by the time he came through.

However, what we really want to focus on are the amazing stories of people coming together, to help each other, and strangers, and most especially animals, get to safety. So many of them! 

The Cajun Navy just saved over 70 animals from a pet shelter second floor with the roof caving in, and flooding, at the last minute; how can anything be more heartwarming? 

People donated money to help a woman with 7 rescue dogs who was unable to evacuate and wouldn't leave them behind. They are all safe now. 

Over 100 people came together to save the town of Lumberton, 20 miles from Fayetteville, from another horrific flooding, as it did in Matthew. They put out a FB call for volunteers to help with sandbags to shore up a low point. And they came.

We live in a time with too much contention, but times such as these not only try our souls, they also bring us together, as one. Bless them all, for doing what they could. No one will see their names in the paper, their pictures won't be shown, they will individually be unknown but what they did as a group will be to the benefit of many. Their reward will be the results of their labors. 

And we would like to end with this message for the powers that be:



  1. It’s great to see people coming together to help each other. Though we purr for all those being affected by this storm.

  2. Humans naturally first care for each other. But some pay attention to the anipals in our lives too. When conditions get rough, some people go the extra paw to help them. We honor them.

  3. I am glad there are good people out there that help others. XO

  4. I wish people didn't need a disaster to bring out their best - wouldn't that be awesome?

  5. I am grateful that there are people who do so much for others in times of trouble. It is times like this that bring out the best in (most) people.
    I am glad you are away from the danger but send good thoughts for all those, animals and people alike who are in the path of the hurricane.

  6. So very well put, especially the last words. Unfortunately, I believe they'd fall on deaf ears. It is heartwarming to hear and see about so many stories of volunteers- and strangers- coming together to help one another.

  7. It's so heartwarming to hear about when people or animals are in trouble and that it's always great to see good people risking their lives to help. Hope there is no more bad news that comes out of this. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    World of Animals

  8. Thanks for sharing these stories of people helping people and animals and highlighting the good in this world!

  9. It’s devastating to see damages Florence is causing, but I feel so grateful for those people helping others. xo

  10. guyz.....veree well stated ~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥