Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sunday - Chewy Review

Yep, it's that time again!

First, we are very grateful to be part of the Chewy Influencer program, so we always feel
bad when we have to report that a product isn't exactly a bucket of primo nip.


We recently got the Tiny Tiger Canned Cat Food.

Chicken, and Turkey n Giblets flavors.

Neither were a smashing success. 

We didn't really tell Mom WHY it wasn't so great, but let's just say we were
happy to get back to our regularly scheduled Fancy Feast.

But at least they are grain free. So there's that.

So far we've also reviewed the Science Diet and Taste of the Wild foods.
We were very enthusiastic about the S.D. 

And the Wild pate was pretty good too, after the chunks got smooshed down.

But this... yeah, nope.

We hope all of our furriends are having a safe, and dry, weekend.

** Chewy sends us products to review for them, at no charge, for our honest opinion. 
We really don't think anyone could ever accuse us of NOT being honest!


  1. Well, we are sure Chewy understands that you two won't like every food. Good job giving those honest reviews! :)

  2. Oh well, not every food's a winner!

  3. Not all kitties like the same food, so there will be others that love it. It's all about giving an honest review and that's what you did. I hope the next food you get to review is what you prefer, or better still maybe Chewy will send you a bucket of primo nip!

  4. Hi, guys! Looking cute as always! We think it’s great that you’re honest on your reviews.

    We love our Fancy Feast too.

  5. I love the cute design of the can :-) And honest reviews are always the best review!

  6. Wish cat food was available in 1 lb. cans!

  7. I love that you babies always meow the troof!

  8. I appreciate your honesty. Brody says you look extra pretty today Leia. XO

  9. Thanks for sharing your review. Not everything will be a hit with every kitty. At least you give it a try, but it's back to the Fancy Feast. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals