Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leia's Secret Obsession

I am the Princess Leia, and this is my Secret Obsession: the Turbo Track. Sighs... my heart flutters every time I even THINK those magic words. Turbo Track, how do I LUFF thee? Let me count the ways. (well, I'd count them if I could count).

Since that day of days when the Mom Bean brought the Track into our home, I've carried on a clandestine affair with it; late at night, I can be heard swatting the ball around its adorable round track, over and over and over again. During the day, when I can be seen, I usually just sit on its middle part, where the cardboard scratch pad is. We have to be discreet, you see. Sometimes, I just can't restrain myself and will fling my floof all over the track in complete ecstasy. Really, we have a purrrfect union. We do.

Just don't tell Toby!!!!


  1. Gandlaf use to love that track ball when he was a wee kitten. Then one day, he just never looked back. Poor little track ball.

  2. You know, I see no reason to keep your relationship a secret. There's nothing immoral or illegal going on, so why not let it be know that you & Track are in love!


  3. We must get one of these turbo tracks! We've seen Baby Patches play with hers and her mom's store sell turbo track accessories too! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Leia says: Toby and I are...uhh.... "in a relationship". So I can't be open about my Track.

    The Bean: The Track rocks! Both cats love it, though Leia is obviously more attached. I wanted some interactive toys, to help them get some exercise.

  5. Oh, yes, the Turbo Track is cool! But be careful you don't end up spending all of your time at the track!

  6. A girl cat and her toy should never be parted! I feel the same about Mousey!