Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toby 'Tocks Thursday

My furs are FINALLY growing back. The Mom Bean is very happy about that, but it's all her fault anyway.

Back in May, she found two upstart kittens under the backyard shed. And she brought them in the house! Can you believe that?? Seriously. MY house, and she brings those fluff balls inside. I got VERY VERY upset over the whole thing. But they were here for, like, forever. (MB: 6 weeks).

I wasn't too unhappy at first, but they kept getting bigger and bigger and attacking MY TAIL! I think she was even planning on keeping one of the little buggers, until she saw I'd started pulling out my furs. Then SHE got upset and found new homes for both of them. This is also when I got sick and the stabby place people said I had panc..pan.... somethin' that made me throw up lots. (MB: pancreatitis). And then there wuz medicines and stabbie things in my rear and all kinds of unhappy events.

But finally, I have peace and my furs are almost completely grown in again. Which I need those, cuz, y'know, winter is just not that far off. Who wants a cold butt???

MB: Toby, for all his size, is an extremely sensitive cat. He came to me when he was about 3.5 weeks old, covered in car engine oil and fleas and meowing his tiny orange head off. He spent his first week at the stabby place.

These kittens were actually the second set I've found since I moved here, and I couldn't just leave them under there. Since I was afraid they'd turn feral, I felt I had to get them inside and socialized, though I know they were far too young to be taken from their mother. But now they have good homes. And I think Toby is ALMOST completely recovered, though I'm pretty sure if I bring in any other felines he'll pack his little bags and move out. Or he might kick me out. Either way, he's put his paw down on the subject.

And one last thing: GET YOUR CATS SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Do NOT NOT NOT leave your cat's kittens to be someone else's problem. (I'm not speaking to those who breed cats responsibly.) I spent a lot of time and money, and hurt my own beautiful cat, not to mention many anxious moments of my own, to give these gorgeous kids a chance at a good life.


  1. I'm glad your fur is growing back.

  2. Glad your fur is all growing back and you're feeling better!!

  3. Seaborne knows all about furs growing back! We are so happy that you are feeling better and looking furry!!!!

    Love, uSSSSS