Friday, July 24, 2009

Point/Counterpoint: The Case of the Mean Bitey

The Moderator: A request was made for more information, therefore, Toby and Leia will now each present their own perspective on the "Case of the Mean Bitey".

Toby: She's a girlcat. A PEST. I don't bother her... much... anymore... I just wanted to lounge and she started biting me!! I'm telling you, it was just mean.

Leia: Hmpf. I AM a girlcat - a petite one, 11 lbs. Toby is almost 18 lbs and way taller and longer than me. It's not like I could really hurt him, after all, y'know. I just wanted to play with him. I had to put the bitey on his feets, cuz going in close is risky. Toby bites harder than I do. And did I mention HE spent years chasing ME away from him? He would hold me down and bite on me. Anywayz, he's kinda lazy. I had to nip at him a little bit to get him moving.

The Moderator: Well, all the evidence is in! Time for the jury to decide. Is Leia truly guilty of the Mean Bitey? Is Toby being overly sensitive about having his feet nipped and his nap disturbed?

The Jury: This case is now in the paws of the Grand Kitteh Jury. What meow you all?


  1. Wally & Ernie: She's a girlcat! She's definitely guilty! All girlcats are guilty!!

    Zoey: She's innocent! Those boycats are always whining and crying when somecat puts a tiny little bitey on them...

  2. Summer, Spats & Sassy (aka The Taylor GirlSSS): WE SAY INNOCENT! Those boys are rascals. We let them get away with it until we MUST react!

    SEABORNE & SAM (aka The Taylor BoySS): WE SAY....INNOCENT. Sometimes we deserve what we get....sigh!

    There you have it! INNOCENT!

  3. I'm thinking Toby prolly deserved it.

  4. Hi we came back to see the final verdict! What a distinguished panel of judges!

  5. Innocent! Maggie May likes to put the bitey on all of us!!

  6. I think Leia is only guilty of the play-Bitey, not the mean-Bitey. And there is no law against that!