Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally Friday

Hmpf! I, the Princess Leia, have been catnapped and taken to the stabby place!! Unfair! Foul! I protest! Loudly. Unstoppably. All the way there.

Ok, so what if I sneezed a little (Bean: a LOT) once or twice in the last few days (Bean: every single day). Everykitteh sneezes, right? So why drag me off to the horrible place with all the loud woofies and strange kittehs, and the hoomin staff is not MY hoomin staff? AND that awful car ride? Is this really called for, I ask you? NO!!!! (Bean: Most definitely).



The vet was a fill in, not my regular vet, and he was about 5 minutes out of vet school. Wanted to do everything totally by the book - including an X-ray to check for pneumonia. Umm.. no. Her lungs were clear, though he said her trachea was a bit raspy. He gave her a shot of B-12 and... I think an anti inflammatory. And Clavamoxx.

I suspect all we really needed was some Amoxicillin. Anyway, she's resting comfortably at home now.


  1. Oh noes! We hope you do not have an icky sicky, Leia!

  2. Leia! We can't believe the injustice that was put upon you! But we do hope you feel better...

  3. I hope you were given tuna fishies and adoration when you returned home - such indignities!!

  4. Oh, Leia, what a day you've had :-( We're sending a whole houseful of rumbly purrs for you to feel better. And we're so glad you and Toby & Max have your own blog now so we can visit often and be friends! By the way, Mr. Milky is fat & happy & living the good life - we can't wait to post some pictures of him.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Rocky & staff