Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weather update..

We've been waiting for the rain all day. The Mom attacked the front yard grass this morning and we watched, in a most helpful manner. When we weren't sleeping. Watching can be very hard work, y'know. Now we can hear the thunder boomies.... it's all coming closer now.


  1. It's really important you watch your mom while she mows..kind of like a cheering section. When she's all tired and sweaty, she looks up at the window and sees your furry faces and it just spurs her on to new heights of lawn management! Really!

  2. I agree with Angus. You must pay v. close attention to your staff when dey are hard at work. You keep them doing! Good job! xoxo

  3. Shoot! How can I return a comment on your blog when you didn't give me a new post to respond to, eh? Ah, well, I'll just say thank you for stoppin' by and say that I'll bet your mom has to fight off the sleepies with you guys double-teaming her!