Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vishus Deer

The Mom Bean gave us a new Evo canned food flavor yesterday: Vishus Deer. We really, really like this one! Better than the chick-hen, at least for this weekend. We may turn up our noses at it tomorrow, since, after all, kittehs has got to keep the Beans on their toes. But for now, it's the best Stinky Goodness we've ever had! (Plus, it really is Stinky).

Oh yeah, Leia is still complainin' about her medications. She has to take auntie-biotics twice a day. Not going over too well - the Mom has to wrap her up in a towel cuz it turns out, she's a pretty good fighter. Who knew??


  1. I'm glad you like the new stinky goodness!

  2. Mom does not enjoy pilling us, because we are all good fighters. She doesn't mind Amoxicillin (or any liquid for that matter) but Convenia is awesome, whenever that is possible. No stress for Mom or us!

  3. Oh boy! We've never tried the vishus deer variety of EVO! We've tried the chick-hen and the duck.

    Sorry about the meds, they are a pain, but you must take them so you can get allll betters!

  4. Ah yes eating vishus deer is a good thing! We have a little vishus deer most weeks along with a few other yummy types of meat. However Mummy says we can't have Thrushy for dinner, but we can watch him all we want! :)