Sunday, December 8, 2013

Going, Going, Gone

Or, what I did this weekend:


  1. We did some of that too... but I had the crazies!

  2. LOL. Best way to spend the weekend, we say!

  3. Looks like a successful weekend to us!

  4. Hi Toby. That's what WE did, too! What a coincidence! :)

  5. Toby I like yu' name...I do same too. Toby I follow you now too, wanna follow me too?
    Miss Kitty

  6. I stopped back to answer your question re: the renos and the noise level:

    I would say that the QuietRock has given a 50% improvement on its own. Definitely not the 70%+ that I'd read it would give (installing directly over existing drywall). I was extremely disappointed at first, but now that most of the work (not all) is done, I don't think it was a waste. However, I would not recommend spending that kind of money (and in this case, it was a family gift) on doing that. I WOULD recommend taking off the old drywall, right down to the studs, insulating with Roxul's Safe 'N' Sound noise-absorbing insulation and then either putting regular drywall on or QuietRock over that. I think if you doubled up on the Roxul and just used regular drywall, you'd be golden, and it probably would be cheaper in the long run.

    I've also been adding Roxul in between the joists in the basement, because my basement is not finished. So I've been putting a double layer all along the adjoining wall and want to add a bit more here and there.

    The other thing I've had someone do (their recommendation) is adhere a foam-backed carpet remnant to the back of my basement door. It's ugly, but I don't see it, and when I close my basement door it absorbs the noise from below quite well. I had wanted to have a new solid-core noise-reducing door installed, but a co-worker and her hubby (who are builders) said I'd get more bang for my buck with the carpet, and they're the ones who did it for me.

    The final piece of the puzzle for me will be having my bare stairs carpeted ASAP in the new year. Not that that will help the neighbours' pounding up and down THEIR stairs, but it also will act as a noise-absorber in the stairwell, which is a huge issue in this units.

    So, a far longer reply than you were anticipating, I'm sure. But I wanted to be detailed in case you or anyone you know is in the same situation.