Friday, December 13, 2013

Today! It's Today!!!!

Hear ye, hear ye: be it known far and wide, today is THE day for:

Thorin Part II!!!!

Some unenlightened persons may know it as The Desolation of Smaug, but really, it's Thorin Part II.

Click here for to find your showings. :) 

Yes, our Mom is just a wee bit excited over this.
She has taken the day off to see it, which will be
only slightly delayed by the unexpected car repair that
has to happen this morning first. Why that couldn't take place during
one of our scheduled Stabby Place visits, we have no idea.

And for those who, inexplicably (to Mom), don't care about Thorin,
we offer this cat butt:

This is what our Mom thinks is funny. See what we live with ?


  1. I think you two could have some fun while she's out there entertaining herself without you, if you catch my drift.

    My mom goes to the movies about once every 10 years, so she's not quite due. ;-) We'll have to wait for some other event here.

  2. I guess that cat butt is what we get here because nobody knows what that other thing is you are talking about! The only movie my human plans to see this season is the one about Walt Disney and the Mary Poppins author.

  3. Let's have a party while she's gone! MOL. :)

  4. Mes would rather looks at the cat butt, my Mommy, she would be with your Mommy at the Movie!

  5. Well, we sure hope your Mom enjoyed the movie! We hear it's AWESOME!