Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Open Letter

Dear Mr Heating Fix It Guy,

Thank you for fixing our thermostat. Now it runs the proper amount of time, not too much and not too little. And now all our thermometers agree with each other, instead of a ten degree difference. Our Mom is very happy that our electric bills will be under control now.

More green papers for us is good, since that means more good stuff for all of us here. We even forgive you for driving us UTB.

However, we do have a MOST SERIOUS issue with you: you brought those vile, nasty, why-do-they-even-exist??!-fleas into our formerly flea free home.

Now we itch and must endure that cold wet stuff on our necks. Mom is doing a lot of grumbling over this too, so not only do we itch and have to endure that cold wet stuff on our necks, we have to put up with her crankiness.

And also now begins a 21 day cycle of Noisy Beast visits. Every.single.day that thing will come out.

These are most difficult to forgive.

Toby & Leia


  1. Oy! Fleas? Your mom's bill should be cancelled and her money refunded for that!

    We're glad you have temperature regulation though!

  2. rude..... glad the temperature thingie is fixed but sheesh.....

  3. At least, since we're renters, we don't have to pay the bill!

  4. The heater human brought FLEAS?! See, that is what happens when you bring strange humans into the house.

  5. Oh dear! What could be worse than fleas?? We hope this situation gets resolved soon!

  6. Really?? He brought fleas?? OMC! We'd want to scratch his eyes out, but our mom says we'd have to get behind her and wait our turn! Purrs...

  7. OMC, that dude had fleas?! That is just SO wrong!

  8. Did you just say fleas??? Yikes!