Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Mom's Chrissymouse Presents (to herself. Cuz Why Not?)

Today we'd like to show you what our Mom got recently. She's quite proud of both of them!
We helped by being the Lovely Assistants, modeling them.

First up:

This bit of artwork was created by the very talented and handsome Quint of Colehaus Cats. It's a limited edition paw painting based on Starry Night. It came with a tiny easel. If your 'rent is looking for an original creation, we highly recommend visiting his shop.

And now:

Ok, this wasn't cat-created, but it was hand made by the husband of Max the Psychokitty's mom. (And just for the record, Toby objects to being the "Lovely" Assistant. He insists on being known as the Completely Handsome & Noble Mancat Putting Up with More of Mom's Silliness Graciously.)

He also has other stuff in his Etsy shop. Totally worth a look.

**Mom's photography doesn't do justice to either of these.


  1. Those are awesome presents! I think your human did good for herself.

  2. Lovely CATmas gifts your mom bought to her self !
    We too have a Starry nite picture from Quint :)

  3. Yippee for getting great presents for yourself! Quint is thrilled to know you received your art and we particularly like the Lovely Assistants who did a fantastic job! Purrs....

  4. Those are lovely presents that your mum got for herself.

  5. What Fabulishious gifts!
    Meis sending yous love and kisses

  6. Those are terrific gifts! Now what did she get you?? ;)

  7. Good helping, Toby and Leia! Those are some terrific gifts that your Mom got herself!

  8. We have one of Quint's paintings and love it! Those are two pawsome gifts!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Merry Christmas, friends!
    We think Quint is one talented kitty! ...maybe he needs his own gallery show!
    And the clock is very adorable.
    Waffles knows how you feel, Toby...he's always getting stuck playing Vanna White in our photos.

    Merry Merry!