Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finally Friday

::yawn.... stretch....::

Welcome to another Friday, furriends! We're just waking up from a very nice long nap.

Just in time to inspect something new. Isn't it amazing the stuff our 'rents can drag in ?? And they PAY for this. Green papers, good green papers that could go for nice toys. More noms. But no, she buys - this.

No, we do not put our Paw of Approval on this. We know you have a love of Hello Kitty that rivals our furriend Nissy's love of nip, but Holy Cod, Mom, they make pills for this!

Even Leia is snubbing it. And she's a girl.

Mom. Get it off me. Seriously. DO NOT WANT.

So... enough of that. Anything happen while we were asleep?
We kinda get the feeling there might be something we missed.....


  1. Your human made you pose with THAT?! I hope you were properly compensated.

  2. At least the glasses do not have little doggies on the handles.

  3. We hope she doesn't try to make you wear them!

  4. nothing. Caturday isn't here yet; keep snoozin
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. Mommy here: OMG they have little whiskers and a BOW!!!