Monday, August 4, 2014

I Am a Princess...

and not one of today's modern princesses, thank you.

I'm the type who doesn't get her paws dirty. Or wet. Who wants wet, dirty paws anyhow??

Take meals, for example. I always allow Toby to order our meals. Usually breakfast is the hardest to get, because that means getting Mom up.

But today - TODAY *I*, the Princess Leia (no relation to that other one whatsoever) ordered our lunch noms. I was hungry, Mom wasn't getting up (she's home today) and I wanted FED. Tobers was nowhere around so I took my matters into my own delicate paws.

It was an interesting experience. But one I don't care to repeat.


  1. You had to order lunch yourself, Leia?! Heh. Hope that does not happen again soon.

  2. Oh the FELINITY of it all!!! How uncourtly of Toby to NEGLECT HIS DUTY and howl for lunch!


  3. We bet you won't let that happen again, Leia.

  4. We are appalled that you had to do that, Leia. A princess like you should never have to stoop to such levels.

  5. It's best to leave that to the boy, deary!


  6. how unseemly to have to behave that way.