Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're Both in the Doghouse Now

You know, it's amazing the noises a hoomin will make when you bite them, isn't it? And really I think she had it coming. I was innocently playing with her hair. It's so much fun when the ends fly everywhere on the pillows from the fan, and I have to try to catch it. It's a really fun game.

I got into it like I always do. But she fusses about this. So this morning she was trying to retrieve her hair ends from my paws; I ended up biting her with my Mighty Jaws of Doom. What else was I to do? She had captured both my paws!

..... on reflection, I might have bitten a lil too hard with my Mighty Jaws of Doom...

And ok, maybe I didn't let go right away. Probably, I did in fact hit bone too. But did that justify that awful screeching noise? I think not.

She wanted me to say goodbye this morning but I kept a dignified distance. Maybe tonight I will be willing to talk to her again.

- Toby, Yours in Sulking

Mom's Note:

The thing about Toby is, he is VERY big and VERY strong. His lineage is either Maine Coon or bobcat. His bone structure is just massive. That doesn't always come across in the pictures. If he weren't typically a laid back, relaxed cat I could never have kept him when he grew up. This morning when he bit, he wouldn't let go, hence the screeching.


  1. Ouch! You might want to have the bite looked at, to ensure it doesn't get infected. And maybe get a booster tetanus, if it's due. Purrs for speedy healing!

  2. What Fuzzy Tales said. When Binga bit my human instead of a treat, she went to urgent care, just in case. 'Cause when a cat bite gets infected, it is really bad!

  3. Yeah What Fuzzy Tail said! Grandmother got a horrible infection from a kitty bite.

  4. Agreed, best to get it checked.
    Toby, you have to remember that those Mighty Jaws of Doom can cause trouble.

  5. Yikes! I guess everybody's said what my mom would.

    I'd say, Toby, you gotta be careful with humans. They can get dramatic sometimes.

  6. Um, Toby...never bite the hand that feeds you. That's one lesson you gotta learn.

  7. Yikes. This sounds like a big old (and painful, let's not forget painful) misunderstanding. Yes, please do get that bite checked...

  8. my human would have screeched too. Loudly.

  9. Peep #1 has been bitten twice. Surprisingly, she doesn't screech. Oh sure, the woman caterwauls and you can hear her over on Mars but when bitten, not a peep from the peep. Of course, AFTERWARDS, there are a lot of complaints.