Monday, December 15, 2014

A Chrissymouse Hedgehog

Mom says everyone needs a Chrissymouse Hedgie in the lives. 
We would beg to differ... but she didn't ask us!
And he grunts - technically he's a DOG toy.
She brought home a DOG toy. It's really for her, 
she thought he was adorable.

PLEASE get the hedgie away from me! Thank you.
I am trying to nap here.

Well, Mr Penguin will take Hedgie under his flipper
and get him settled into the SAC (Stuffie Animal Community).


  1. Ha! He looks innocent enough. Well, except possibly for that grunting.

    Our human bought herself an owl last Christmas, also a dog toy. It squeaks, though we don't make it squeak on our own. What Nicki does, though, is "kill" it every night, around 2AM. Loudly. That's revenge! So maybe you want to consider doing that to the hedgehog too. Just remember to do that in the 2AM - 3AM time frame!

  2. Our pawrents are always doing those things to us THEY think it's cute. WE think it's annoying.

  3. Oh, we feel your pain, dear ones. What HUMANS think is cute often seems to differ A LOT from what we kitties think is cute...

  4. The hedgehog is cute, but not when he tries to cuddle up to you.

  5. Hedgie looks like he's invading your space.

  6. Binga would make short work of that thing!

  7. Well, kids, I just don't know. My mom has several cat toys she's kept for herself but she's never gotten a dog toy!

  8. Toby,
    OMCs thank goodness Mr. Hedgie is just stuffed. Did you try to destuff it yet?
    hugs madi your bfff

  9. And this hedgie grunts and everythin'? MOUSES!


  10. Hey you guys! We gots your Catmas card returned to us today. Can you haz your mom email my mom with your snail mail? (stacyhurt at rocketmail dot com :) xoxo
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan