Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Not So Easy

I am very unhappy with my Mom - I mean, my Chief Paw Servant. Although right now I am seriously considering terminating her services!

She caught me in.... um..... the litterbox, in a VERY private position. Since when does royalty put up with being SPIED ON, I ask you? She came back to tidy the box and discovered that while I'd assumed the position, I hadn't produced anything.

(for all you kitten tots out there, not much can send a Mom into a tizzy faster than that. Trust me.)

After that, she held me down and forced this sticky stuff on my paws. Of course I had to clean all that off. I actually like this stuff - same as she gave Toby awhile back when he was having difficulties - but she smeared it on my nice, clean furs. Takes ages to deal with this properly. And don't think I gave her permission for that, either.

As if that wasn't bad enough, about an hour later.... everyone out there except maybe the tots can guess what happened next. Well, at least she's happy now, even if I'm not. This whole thing was soooo embarrassing. A real invasion of privacy!



  1. Uh, better that than a ::whispers:: enema. Think about that one. :-P

  2. I love the paw stuff but I never get it. Eric needed it regularly and mum would put a tiny bit on my paw too. Having to clean your paw up is better than a trip to the vet.

  3. Ugh, humans! Mine is always staring at one or the other of us in the litter box to make sure things are going okay! It is really, really embarrassing!

  4. We understand all about having your privacy invaded in the litterbox room. What is it with humans to be so interested in our potty habits. We don't care about theirs...why should they care about ours?

  5. Ugh, that is just ... horrible. We are so sorry, buddy.

  6. For some reason, peeps just can't understand that we cats like our privacy, too. It's not fair. Not fair at all. MOUSES!


  7. That is an outrage, Leia! I hope you gave your mom a big bite.

  8. O.M.C! Say that isn't so! We're making sure our mom doesn't read this! Sending comforting purrs....