Friday, December 26, 2014

Leia Speaks!

Happy After-Chrissymouse, furriends! We hope everyone had and is still having a wonderful time.

I want to show off my beautiful little legs and feetsies today:

Now, on to my official post: Toby has designated me his Spokeskitteh for the day. He's up in the kitteh loft now, doesn't really want to talk to anyone. Not that I blame him!

Mom took him into the Stabby Place this morning. Again. 6th time this year. 6!!! Can you believe it? She was getting suspicious of his anal glands. And turns out, she was right. One side fine, one side was not fine. The vet dealt with it, and wants him to return in 3 months to see how it's going.

This is what Toby thought of everyone today. Including, maybe especially, Mom.


  1. Hi guys, happy Boxing Day (Boxing Day is BIG in Canada).

    We're sorry that Toby had to have his anal glands expressed again. Nicki has gone every three months for several years now, for the same problem. No fun at all. And it's usually one that fills up more than the other. Lots of purrs to him; he'll feel better now that's done.

  2. Oh dear Toby....oh dear....
    A belated but heartfelt Merry Christmas.
    Annabelle * Boo * Ping * Jinx *
    Angels Abby * Gracie Grace

  3. Oh, poor Toby! I bet he is one UNhappy camper today! I know he'll feel better, just not immediately.

  4. Toby, I speak from experience. It's best to have the vet be able to deal with your "issue" before it gets really bad. Like me. I had a problem and I had to go to the ER vet and they had to knock me out and fix me up. So, while you might be a little mad, it's probably for the best. ~Ernie

  5. Thanks for letting us known what's going on, Leia. And for showing us those pretty legs and feetsies. :)

    We hope Toby feels better. Sorry he had to go to that stabby place again.