Monday, December 29, 2014

Know What It's Like When...

.... you just can't sleep? So tired, heavy eyes, but can't manage to drift off?

Yeah, me neither. I don't believe any feline has ever had a wakeful problem.

EXCEPT - when the Mom does!

I like to sleep next to her on the pillows. This is great.

Until she wakes up, can't go back to sleep, and sees me and goes "awwww CUDDLE KITTEH!!"

And this morning, to crown the indignity and irritation, she TAKES PICTURES. Here I am, especially tired because I've already had my 30 minutes of waking time between the long sleeping times and clearly, I'm ready for more sleep time.

Furriends, we hope you have a great Monday and New Year's. And that your 'rents let you get all the sleep you wish!

PS: Flynn, you are still in our purrayers today. 


  1. Same thing here! Peep #1 sees me sounds asleep and thinks it's some kind of open invitation for the cuddles. Know anythin' that can be done about that?


  2. My human had a terribly restless night last night - so I curled up with her and tried to help her feel better. I figured I could always catch up on my rest later while she is working!

  3. Well, just because the human can't sleep, that's no reason for her to disrupt your sleep. ;)

  4. I think maybe you just need to move lower on the bed--you know, some place where bugging you would take too much effort!