Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Caturday!

Looky! I have a new bed. Mom bought it for me yesterday; 
she says it's an orthopedic bed and has memory foam in it too.
 TECHNICALLY it's a bed for woofies, 
but on account of me being a big guy, 
she had to look elsewhere.

This here is our upstairs second bedroom window area, the place that gets
the most sun - especially impawtant for those cold winter days.
Leia gets the small woofie bed you see to the left (it used to belong to cousin Max)
but I lounged on the floor. I tried the bed a couple of times but most of me just 
didn't fit in it.

Yeaaaa me!

Mom. Mom. Mommy! We haz to talk.

Toby was such a BEAST to me the other night! 
Why did he get a present?!

Mom: I know it doesn't seem fair, Tabby Girl, but Toby's old, creaky bones
need extra help. YOU have that nice plushie bed, he needs something too.
And this wasn't really a present, you know. 

Leia: Hmpf. This may require the back of disrespect. I shall have to consider.

In the meantime...

Happy Caturday, furriends!


  1. Leila I must agree w your mom's reasoning...we seniors need extra comforts AND it might improve Toby's disposition...if he sleeps well he will be in a better mood‼️
    Hugs Madi your bffff

  2. That is a nice new bed, Toby. Leia, maybe you can sneak in it when he isn't looking.

  3. I agree - maybe a comfy new bed will help put Toby in a better mood!

  4. Very nice new bed it looks like Santa already visited you. :)

  5. What a pawsome bed, Toby. Leia, maybe Toby will share it with you...then again, maybe not. ;)

  6. How nice you got a memory foam bed, Toby! "I" would like to use it :-)

  7. Happy Caturday! That IS a nice bed that Toby got. Maybe he'll share it with Leia? :)