Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tabby Girl Thursday

As you can see, I'm meditating. I do that a lot, I have great patience.
I can sit here, or anywhere really, for minutes and minutes.

It always impresses Mom.

Toby**, on the other paw, can't seem to meditate for longer than oh... maybe 5 minutes. 
You know, for a kitteh, he really doesn't have much patience. AT ALL.

Ok, now it's time for my nap.

For which I am very thankful. I LOVE my naps!

** the boy does get style points for his napping though.


  1. That's some great meditating, Leia! And yes, that Toby sure does do that napping thing well. :)

  2. You do meditate well Leia! I am like Toby and prefer to nap.

  3. Meditation is good! You sure got a great patience :-)
    And Toby - such adorable napping style!

  4. You darling! My mommy said that! I say I agree with you.

  5. Leia, you are so gracious! I would want to play with your white toesies all of the time; would you have patience for that?

  6. Leia I think guyz of all species have ants in their pants
    Sincerely Madi your bfff

  7. We boy cats always are very innovative with our napping positions!!

  8. Yep ! Me often says " MEOW " to tell mom hurry up !!
    Have a great weekend