Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tabby Girl Tuesday

Ohhhh last night was exciting! Too exciting, really.

Toby was an absolute BEAST to me, but Mommy SAVED me.

At the cost of her foot, that's true, but it was a small price to pay to keep my furs whole.

PS: Toby - this raspberry is for YOU!

And now a meow from the beast himself....

Dear Mommy,

I'm very sorry I attacked your foot last night.  I didn't mean to but it got in the way of attacking Leia. 

Which I know you didn't like either, but ... but... I HAD TO. There were awful ebil introoder kittehs in our courtyard - he even went up on the steps! Right outside the door! The CHEEK!

So I admit I got over excited and went after Leia. I mean, that was safer than going after YOU.

Except that I did bite and scratch you. 
And you didn't take kindly to that and said some rather rude things to me about it. 

- Sincerely, your VERY VERY loving furry orange son, Tobers

Mom's note:

I *thought* I had cat proofed the courtyard against wanderers. Clearly I didn't.

But, by the end of this weekend, it will be. By the grace of Lowe's and my own creativity.


  1. Oh noes! Poor Toby, for getting vexed with introoder kitty...Poor Leia, who was assaulted...and poor mommy, who got bitted and clawed! Am curious as to what cat-proofing you are gonna do...?

    1. We have a wood fence but I think it's what's called shadowbox, which allows ebil introoders to get in. Somehow I have to fence off the gaps so they can't slip in and wreak havoc in our usually peaceful household.

  2. Yeah, gotta keep those intruders away! It creates havoc sometimes with indoor kitties!

  3. Poor Leia and mom for being in the line of fire! A mancat's gotta do what a mancat's gotta do Toby, so I do understand.

  4. Oh no! It was the evil introoder's fault! We hope he stops coming in your yard.

  5. Bpy, I was about to do that to mommy too when I first moved in and for a year afterward. She said to tell you she couldn't intruder proof anything BUT she bought opaque film for the windows I used to see him on advice from the Vet, and that worked. Plus some Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Plus. Works GREAT at calming me and smells good to humans..

  6. OH MY goodness mom told me she remembered a time years ago with our first cat saw an introooder on our deck. He literally charged the back door running into the glass section. He didn't bother mom or dad but boy he didn't like that introoder.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Oh no! We're so sorry that all this happened (especially about Mommy's foot)! Fingers and paws crossed that your cat-proofing efforts on the courtyard are successful.


  8. Oh Toby, it's not your fault about what happened to your mom's foot! It's introoder's fault and she loves you very much no matter what :-)