Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Caturday

We have VERY cheeky and rude squirrels here.
If you look right above my head, to the top,
you will see this guy. 

He's quite plump and just ever so full of himself. 
He likes to get up on the fence post (which you can't see)
and mock us.

He's definitely a mocker.

Mr. Squirrel, your time is coming.

Oh yes, it's definitely coming...


  1. Oh, those pesky squirrels! We have a few... and they utterly ignore us, like we're invisible or something. It's really annoying.

  2. Oh dear me and here I thought all the cheeky squirrels lived in NC..I bet that bushy tailed rodent hitched a ride to Florida from NC
    Love these photos!! I can just imagine the swishing of the cat tails
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Oh those squirrels! They sure loves to mock kitties! Mr. Squirrel doesn't know how lucky he is to have the glass window between him and you two!

  4. So..... Cammie and I would be happy to come help you stare at that squirrel! Maybe do a little chasing action. Just enough to scare him into stopping this little game of torment he's got going on! Just give me a call!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. We have some rude squirrels around here too. They taunt us. But one day we're gonna get them.

  6. YOU two mean business, it's easy to see! They mock us inside cats all the time and then, maybe one day when they come to mock....WHAM! They get blasted with a furred menacing streak right at them! (if we have the privilege of being out which I don' said NO to that!) BUT if I ever got out...beware ebil squerrils.

  7. Those squirrels are totally sassy! Their cousins that live here are the same way. We're going to get them one day!

  8. They act all tough on the other side of the glass, don't they? But face to face they wouldn't be so smug, would they? I know you to have the situation under control.

  9. Oh WOW! That cheeky squirrel is going to get it at some juncture!!! Better keep him in your sights!! xx

  10. Mes has a cheeky squirrel like that at my new place!
    Hes comes right up to the sliding doors and MOCKS mes!
    Can yous guys comes over and fix mine too!

  11. The mockers are the worst!! You get him guys!!

  12. Brody would love to go catch him for you. No one is to be fresh to his woman. XO

  13. If that cheeky squirrel had an inch of common sense (which we felines think He doesn't!) he would be quaking in fear!
    They are just rats with bushy tails!