Sunday, February 5, 2017

Miffed Mancat Monday

Mom, I need your help. Yes, YOURS! It's IMPAWTANT.

That little tabby girl has been eating from my plate. While I'm eating from it. 
She trots right over after you put down our meals on TWO plates,
and starts right in. Just like I'm not there.

She just won't listen to me when I tell her to stop.

So... make her go over to her own plate, ok?

A guy needs to have his food in peace, after all.

That's good for my digestion, you know. 
With MY stomach, do we really want more aggravation in there??

I think not.

Leia: teee heeeee !!!!!


  1. My human has to stand like a prison guard while we eat because Boodie wolfs down her meals and then sidles over to Binga's and starts eating hers! So she has to be ready to chase Boodie away. Maybe that's what your human should do... although I have the say, the prison guard act is not all that appetizing.

  2. Oh! A mancat needs to eat in peace when a mancat wants to eat! Your mom should put on a police outfit and stand guard so that YOU can eat in peace. I say THAT, and I'm a girlcat! There is just something about you and your handsomeness that makes my eyes spin. Woo Woo.

  3. Toby my man you have for sure been WRONGED! What is it about food looking better from another plate?
    Good luck good buddy
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Oh I'm sorry, Toby. I hope your mom keep Leia in line! The same thing happens here quite often, though. It's a sibling thing, I guess :-)

  5. Ummm ... you could just eat from HER plate, Toby. I mean, then she'd probably want what's on HER plate. Or you could just sit on your food until she goes away. Neither of those might be appetizing, but a mancat needs his food!!!

  6. What?!? She's stealing your foods?!? This will not do!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. Aw, Toby, that really stinks. You really deserve to eat in peace.

  8. That is awful. You need a little divider like they have in schools so you won't cheat on tests.

  9. This is what we do, Toby: Snapoline eats dinner on one counter, Elliott on the other, and the two boys on the floor. It's a pretty good arrangement, but Mom still has to stand guard because somebody always stands on their hind legs and pokes at the slow eaters.