Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tiny Tabby Thursday

Mom, I AM sorry my back claw ripped open your finger.
Yes, I know they are like tiny razors.

Still, I'm kinda impressed at how big a cut I made. Don't you think that's cool? I think it's cool.

Ok... I guess you don't. But, we both do like the Hello Kitty band aid.

Moving on -

This is our new scooper thingy. I love it! A great color.

(Toby thinks it's way too girly, but why can't I have a 
girly scooper? The other one is quite boring).

Mom doesn't like cleaning them when they get particularly icky,
so she just buys new ones. 

Lazy bones!


  1. That is a great color for a scoopy thing.
    We hope moms finger is better...

    Noodle and crew

  2. Love my Litter Lifter...the litter just flows right through! One must have good tools to work with, so if a pink scoopy thingy floats your momma's boat, then so be it! Too bad about the bandage thing; nice!

  3. That is a nice scooper- good idea to make them disposable :)Sorry about your Mom's finger, but at least she has a cool bandaid.

  4. Our mom doesn't even clean ours or buy new ones. We have an old stinky one.

  5. My human just bought me a new pink scoop too, for our next trip out of town!

  6. She'll be able to find it right off, that's for sure! Oh, and our mom has Hello Kitty band-aids too!

    What a lovely pic of you, Leia!

  7. That scoopy thing is really nice, Leia! We hope Mom's finger heals up quickly. In the meantime, though ... yay for HK band aids!

  8. A Hello Kitty bandage should make up fer EVERYTHING, we think...

  9. Oh no...Leia you scratched that hand that feeds you and cleans your box? It happens I sure to nurse it for you mom so it doesn't get icky.

    The cat before me scratched off out of mom's lap once. His back feets left skid marks on mom's left arm at the wrist. 29 years later she still has a scar.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. My mommy uses hello kitty bandages and wonder woman ones too. I agree with Marks Mews there. That makes up for everything. I hooked mom's lower lip a few days ago. She squealed!

  11. Leia, we love your close up. Those green eyes are stunningly beautiful and the tabby/tuxie thing is irresistibly cute (Momma has a particular weakness for white paws!!!). The other day, Bear tore open my thigh because he misjudged the jump into my lap and used his back claws to hang on and pull himself up. OWWWW!!! And then I thoroughly ticked him off by clipping his claws ... yep, I'm a mean Momma.

  12. I think that's cool, Leia, and Hello Kitty bandage makes it even cooler :-) Your new scooper is very pretty in pink!

  13. Oh, we like the idea of buying new scoopers! Just think of the color possibilities that could go with your pretty furs.

  14. Oh! What a pretty color! Mes likes the pink ones. Right now mes got 2 blue ones as my Mommy is just like yours...when they get too icky, she tosses them - and not in the plastic recycle either!
    And sharp toenails! Mes gotted Mommy's forehead in bed a couple of weeks ago. It bled LOTS! And Mommy looked sort of like that Frankenstein guy. Hers are Troll sticking plasters though. And then she cutted my nails!!! Did that happen to yous too?

    1. No! My back claws are too hard to get. Score for me!

  15. I like that color VERY much!
    We're sure you didn't mean to hurt your mama - but I'll bet the bandaid is super cute!

  16. I like your approach as to how to handle dirty scoopers!! Hope the cut heals fast--those we love hurt us the most as they say!

  17. That's a pretty cool colour!! Pink suits me The Staff says, but I don't really suit pink!! MOL But the band aids sound very artistic, much like your well placed claw imprints!! ;-)