Sunday, October 8, 2017

Leia Takes Over Monday

Yep, I'm doing Monday too; I have more to say. 
I told Orange Boy he was just going to have to wait.

Do you want to know what he said? He said... "whatev" and rolled over to go back to sleep.

So, here is the thing: I'm 13 + years old now. A very mature ladycat, you see.
And do you know what Mom STILL calls me? "Young lady" and sometimes "MISS Leia".

Yesterday morning I sat Mom down and was VERY firm on this -
in future I am to be addressed as "MS. Leia".

And refer to me as a dignified mature Princess.

She said she understood. Of course she did, she's a female too.


  1. We're glad you're getting the respect you deserve, Leia.

  2. What, no Your Highness? I'm surprised!

  3. Leia, I'm older than you and my mom still calls me "Girly Girl"! Can you imagine? And no amount of yelling at her changes it!


    P.S. Nice move on the Monday!

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  5. MY mom calls me BABY for pity sakes!

  6. Good thing you told your mom! But I know you are always her little baby :-) I call my boys "sweet baby" all the time - maybe they will sit me down and talk about it one day!

  7. I'll simply say what I say to Cam - Yes, ma'am!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Ms Leia bravo bravo for standing firm on your requests. MOLMOLMOL
    Mom about fell out of her chair at the orange boy's comment
    "whatev" and rolled over to go back to sleep" that is 100% what my dad says when mom tells him he is snoring.
    Thanks for the lol/mol

  9. Leia, I tell Chucky every single day that no matter how old he gets, he's still my baby boy. He hasn't yelled at me yet, so I guess he knows that I'm telling the truth!

  10. my stars girl, you are gorgeous, 13 years young, and you deserve the title of respect afforded to all members of royalty; your highness and majesty...indeed....hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

  11. Oh, Leia, are are so pretty and I'm glad your mom took you seriously. You are definitely a dignified mature princess.

    p.s. Toby cracks me up, MOL!

  12. Our Momma calls us her kittens - even though I'm almost 12 and Ellie's 6. We kinda like it because it shows how much she loves us and still sees us as we are at heart :) ~Bear Cat

  13. Dear Ms Leia, Queen Penelope told me that I must ALWAYS call lady cats Ms or Queen.
    I am glad I was taught well!

  14. We wanna thank you for the comment you left on TBTs blog. "We think this is your basic problem... Neighbors are usually hoomins. And hoomins are often weird. And a very strange one has landed right next to you. "

    We agree completely, and he asked us to pass that along to you!

  15. Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment you made on our post about our Daddy. We know he's an Angel smiling down on us but we are heartbroken.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  16. Uh oh, the "young lady" label. That means someone's in trouble at our house!

  17. MS Leia you are indeed a dignified queen and deserving of such a dignified moniker!

  18. Brody didn't know you were an older lady, he thought you were about 5. He loves you no matter what age you are. XO

  19. Hmm, "dignified, mature Princess", I'm gonna try that one here and see if it catches on. Here goes...

  20. You are marvelous!
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew