Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mancat Monday

Meows, furriends!

Well, not much new going on here... y'all already know about MS. Leia's
female insistences... but *I* know everyone really wanted to see
my handsome orange face.

So here I am! 

We're finally getting some cooling off temps but this being Florida,
it doesn't mean a whole lot. My back end is starting to bother me a little bit again;
my arth-er-it-is flaring back up, I guess. Pesky thing. 

Here's hoping to a great week for all of us.

PS: Ireland, we are really sorry Ophelia is heading your way. 


  1. We are sorry your arthritis is acting up again, Toby. :(

    It was nice to see your handsome face, though!

    Happy week to you, Leia and Mom!

  2. What a bummer that your arthritis is flaring up, Toby. Our temps this weekend were into the 90s. Not very fall like!

  3. Toby, I'm sorry your back is bothering you :-(
    But it sure is lovely to see your handsome face! Really, you have such special eyes that are so attractive :-)
    Happy Monday and have a great week!

  4. Ahhhhhhh Toby sometimes a change in weather bothers mom's arthie too. It was 67 when we woke up, started raining and temp dropped to 54. Yep I think fall is here.
    We saw about the hurrycane heading to Ireland. We had no idea hurrycanes went there we thought the water would be too cold.
    Strange weather
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Dear Mr Toby
    We have winter starting here (early) and it is wet and Mommy whines about her arthritis!
    I hope you feel better (and our weather gets a little better)

  6. Tell mommy to ask the Vet for arthritis help in animals. I know they have something for dogs. They may for cats. xoxoxox

  7. dood....yur lookin handsum two day az ever !!!!! N ask yur mom ta look inta cosequin.....troo lee .....helped gram paw dude for yeerz ~~ ♥♥

  8. We are thrilled to see your dear ginger face today! Fall rains start here tomorrow so we're enjoying the last sunny day for a while.

  9. Hi ya, Toby. Sorry to hear about your backend. We hope you can get some relief.

  10. Hi Toby! Sorry to hear about your bum bum.

  11. We hope Leia is being especially nice to you, Toby. We bet the tiny tabby is a great nurse!

  12. Orange faces RULE!!!!!!!! Am I right?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  13. Toby, you are a very handsome mancat!