Sunday, March 10, 2019

And Now, We Wait

The other patio also has a trap, with food, just waiting.. waiting... waiting...

I went out for a short while and came back to see SOMEONE had been playing in the refilled water bowl, but had not yet decided to partake of the gravy soft food.

Smart, but not in her or his best interest, but when have cats ever cooperated with going to to the vet?

This is my first experience with rescue groups and trapping cats.
I do have some good news though - looks like Shae does indeed have a tipped ear.

I showed the pics to the wonderful lady from the rescue group and we concurred, this is a tipped ear. Next time vet people, PLEASE make it a little more obvious. Not Shae lost half an ear, so there is no question about him.

So why the vet visit? First, rabies shots! Very important. I was told that's the first thing they do after sedation. Hopefully it's the three year shot, I can't imagine they'd do the one year for ferals.

Also, missing fur patches. I noticed it a week or so ago, especially on Not Shae but now she is missing fur too. Ringworm? Mange? Fleas? Allergies, pollen??
Those with experience of outdoor cats, feel free to weigh in.
All I know is from indoor, tame (grading on a curve here) felines.

I am so very open to suggestions to help the cats get in the cages. Probably not much to do but wait. Here is the kick though - these are not starving cats. They like my food but I've watched them several times. They both graze, and do not inhale that food like it's been three days. I know there is or was a house up the street that also feeds them, and I suspect they are very good hunters on their own.

And now, a huge THANK YOU to the awesomeness that is Chewy. I asked them about traps; they didn't carry them but sent out food. A lot of food. So much that I gave the 22 lb bag of Friskies to the rescue lady for their use. I still have the 16 lb bag of Meow Mix, the eight boxes of Wellness Gravy Food (64 packets) and the 24 cans of other food to use. I was also afraid that the big bag would go bad before I could use it all. 

So please now join paws with me in hopefulness as I wait to get these guys the help they need.


  1. Wow, that's so cool what Chewy did with all that food. And how wonderful that you were able to share with the rescue lady!

    Can you put something like KFC in the trap? It smells extra delicious to some cats ... maybe they would go in the cage for such a bounty.

    Paws crossed that you have success catching Shae and Not Shae soon! XO

  2. Now THAT was nice. Very nice of Chewy. I appreciate them for that!

  3. That was very generous of Chewy. It is good news to that Shae is ear tipped. Good luck with the trapping.

  4. Tricks that worked for me: Cover the trap with a towel; cats like to go into dark places! Use smelly food: tuna, sardines...and dribble some juice in front of trap and then inside, so the cat follows the trail. Good luck!

  5. I was going to suggest KFC too. Good luck!

  6. I sure hope you have great success with the trapping of the two kitties. I unfortunately don't have any advice, but it sounds like you received some good advice in the above comments.

    That is really wonderful of Chewy!!

  7. Good luck! The stinkier the food, the better! I only know this because I had an animal control officer helping me live-trap a baby skunk that we eventually caught and he re-homed for me -- before I finally got the skunk, I caught my neighbor's cat a couple of times. Oops. He REALLY wanted that food!
    Great news about the tipped ear! Whew!

  8. That was most generous of Chewy. Best of luck with the trapping (sorry, we have no advice)!

  9. how sweet of you to help these kitties in need. And how kind of Chewy, they are such a good company. I am praying all goes well. I am guessing a flea allergy, but it could be any of what you listed. XO

  10. You are so wonderful to help the kitties. I’m glad Shae already has tipped ear. I hope trapping and taking to the vet will go well!
    And it’s very nice of Chewy to send those food to you!

  11. You've gotten some great ideas already. I've found fish Fancy Feast to be enticing to kitties. Some people have suggested putting newspaper on the bottom of the trap so it covers the mesh, but I've never had luck with that. It either blows around or messes with the mechanism. Best of luck to you!

  12. Oh my goodness you have done a most wonderful thing to get this far. I hope and purr the trapping goes well and the shots and VET appt. go well w/o anyone getting clawed or chewed on. I've never trapped so I can't offer suggestions but do send lots of positive vibes
    Sending hugs

  13. 984 paws up two ewe chewy !!!!!! yea and hooray !!!! ewe ROCK

    de food servizz gurl will contact her total lee awesum friend Bernadette in de state oh PA; over at "the Creative Cat" and ask her ta email ewe if her can.....

    if any one can offer sum help, it bee her....trooth ♥♥♥

  14. we are keeping our fingers crossed for you! It's such a great thing you are doing and that the rescue people do--and wonderful that Chewy was so generous!

  15. The way my vet put it is that since we didn't know about Ellie's past vaccinations (before the rescue got her and vaccinated) - he wanted to give her a one year vaccination a couple years in a row. I'm so glad you're there to watch over Shae and Not Shae. Humanity failed them at some point and you're doing what you can to rectify that.

    1. That's how I see it, but so far they are not cooperating about getting in the traps! Those are cats for you.

  16. Best of luck... And appreciation to Chewy for sending food as bait...