Sunday, March 31, 2019

My Toby

This is one of the few pieces of brand new furniture I've ever purchased.
I got it from Haverty's, and I am very proud of it. And Toby knew that....

When he wanted to be fed in the early morning, he would go through a series of steps designed to get me up and going. But his final step? Standing on the nightstand, stretching out full length,
he'd claw the corner.

He knew purrfectly well that would get me up in a hurry! 

This was the only piece of furniture I ever got mad about either of them messing up.
When living with cats, we just accept the reality of less than pristine home furnishings.

I always planned to have this corner fixed by a professional.
Now, it's just a small memorial to my beloved, occasionally super aggravating orange boy.

I saw this super dignified, retired Golden this morning at the Publix parking lot.
These dogs tend to age so well.


  1. oh how I know about these things they so. My Admiral tore up brand new carpeting at a door way because the door was closed and she wanted her mommy. Irreparable. But I smile when I see it. She scratched the baseboard so badly in the bathroom...I can't bear to paint over it. It looks so bad. It's her.

  2. It’s those kind of things you hang on to....sweet memories.

  3. I know! Those imperfections become another memory. Eric would claw at the base of the bed and also the recliner when he thought no-one was looking. I tried to stop him, but now every time I make the bed I see the small shredded patch and think of him.

  4. Our bureau looks like that from Prancie doing the same thing and I will always love it. XO

  5. Oh, we can relate so well to this. We have sections of rug that were favorites to our Angel Kitties. The nap is pulled up in those sections. We used to looks at them with concern, now they just serve as reminders of our special ones.

  6. You know, it's kind of interesting how things that are annoying become treasured signs of someone who is gone. My human has discovered this too.

  7. Oh I loved reading this! It is a beautiful piece of furniture and that corner holds such precious memories of your sweet Toby.
    Love the photo of the doggie in the car :-)

  8. I know, when I'm missed someday, I hope everybody appreciates my claw marks 'cause they sure don't now!! You're a special human if you love what we leave behind and remember us with it. - Tom x

  9. Oh do I know what you mean...about reminders. Toby's masterpiece is a tad more noticeable than Madi's. She chewed the finial on top of the grandfather clock. Itty bitty kitty indents.
    Golden's do age well.
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. I have a couple special pieces of furniture that a couple different Siberian Huskies have "embellished" for me. I look at them now and smile. I totally understand where you're coming from.

  11. Our mom can totally relate. William loved to claw and hug and bunny kick the pine ottoman that goes with the loveseat, both pieces made by my mom's dad for her many many years ago. It is grooved and marred to no end, and she could sand and refinish it, but she just hasn't.

  12. Chucky used to claw the old stand-up stereo speakers, and the noise was pretty cool! I can hear it in my head, and see the strands of the cloth, but no cat claws it anymore.

  13. Frodo keeps trying to do this at the corner of my bed but still can't quite reach thank goodness!~