Thursday, March 28, 2019

Squirrels and Snakes Oh My!

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My city, Tallahassee, was carved out of a forest. And animals live in that forest.
And sometimes... humans and animals come into contact with each other. 

I suspect both sides are routinely horrifed by this.

My workplace backs up to a big forest. And the building's weak entry points has allowed for squirrels to get in the ceiling. Right above my office. On Tuesday I could hear them scrabbling up there ALL DAY LONG. Wednesday and today, they frequently made noise too. And I know they are up there chewing on wires, among other things.

Their prescence no doubt explains why on Monday, coming back from the other large building we have, I saw a big black snake doing its bessssst to get through the glass office door. It was literally crawling up it. Guys, this was seriously freaky!!

I couldn't imagine why it was trying so hard to get in. Now I know.
Squirrels, after all, are just cute tree rats. 

I don't know what kind of snake it was. It could have been venomous;
we do have water moccasins and rattlers here. 

The joys of nature. 

Happy Friday.


  1. Oh boy. I'll admit I'm not really a nature lover and this is one reason why!

    It's a shame, though, that humans encroach on nature's territory. This is very common in CA.

  2. Ick! That would give me nightmares.

  3. Yikes! We don't think we'd enjoy any of that sort of critter TV!

  4. Wow! We don't like evil skwerrels OR sneaky snakies, but we think we would prefer the skwerrels! Maybe if you called the local animal control office, they would make the office eliminate the skwerrels so there wouldnt be anny snakies hunting them...

  5. Hmmm, maybe da snake will reduce da skwerril noise, MOL.

  6. Wow, too bad no kitties work at your office - they'd have lots to watch!

  7. We used to get a lot of squirrels in the big tree outside our window, and Eric and Flynn would always chase up the tree after them.
    They also would try to find a way into the roof space, but the tree has been gone for a few years now.
    As for snakes, ugh, they give me the shivers!

  8. Seems your place of work management would break down and get that place secured against animals. It would sure pay them in the long run. My house backs up to woods like that and there are sure do NOT want raccoons in your house... and birdies everywhere, The birdies were the ones getting into and nesting in the attic. Starlings. I called a wildlife remover and he offered to place netting rather like chicken wire, over the vents up at the roof line. Worked like a charm. But your work place needs far more.

  9. Oh my, that is freaky indeed! We don't have snakes coming to the office, but I saw one crossing the street nearby. They make me shudder...!

  10. Tree the ceiling...I hope they don't eat through the ceiling. Snakes no matter the kind freak me OUT

    I saw on the news some city in FL is infested with poison Frogs? Yikes!
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Well, that had to be entertaining...NOT!

  12. Err ... I'm not a big fan of snakes ... or squirrels. When I moved in here, we had squirrels over the master bedroom. I could hear them scampering around up there. A few years later, we went in to clear the dryer vent and found their abandoned nest. Eesh!

  13. Ooh. That would kinda creep us out, too!