Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy Caturday

Just some random pictures of the fur people.

The window is always a popular attraction.

Sarah is warning off other kittehs from HER space.
Sometimes I think her personal space lines get bigger every day.
She is, however, besties with Tombo. 

Everyone enjoys open windows. Just can't beat fresh air.

This is actually Leia's blanket. I hesitated before putting it down but...


  1. It looks like Leia's blanket is a hit over there!

  2. We agree fresh air is the best. We just wish it was warmer here so we could open a window.

  3. Leia's blanket sure is popular. :)

    We love that photo of everyone sharing some fresh air time!

  4. I love everyone loving the fresh air and the blankie's popularity! That is a dear thing to see. XX

  5. You have the most adorable housemates. XO

  6. Fresh air is always the best!
    I think it’s wonderful Leia’s blanket is being enjoyed xo

  7. That 3rd pic looks a lot like one of our favorites here...

  8. Oh your roommies are so cute.
    I think Angel Leia would approve of sharing her special blankie
    Hugs cecilia