Saturday, December 7, 2019

Lies, All Lies

This face:

categorically denies commiting these crimes:


I, however, do not believe his protests.
While this is the ultimate fate of holiday cookies, it should not come at the fangs of felines.
(yes, that's chocolate but as far as I can see, the cats are ok).

Comforter: saved! Three nights of treatments with Nature's Miracle and one trip to the laundromat this morning to use the big washer resulted in a very clean comforter. It really was for the best, since it hadn't been washed in a long time anyway.

In other news...

I have to move by end of January. I just found out last night. I'm very sad that the fur people
and I will be parted, but they are moving to Wisconsin, and I'm not. 

I'd really like some time to just settle and recover from this past year. 


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that you and the cats will be parted. :-(

    Sending you healing energy, with Derry sending purrs. I'm not sure what you've been dealing with in 2019, but the older I get, the messier and more challenging life seems to be. It's probably a good thing that I had no idea what was to come, when I was young.

    Anyway, as for your chewed cookies, surely that's NOT a guilty face at all!

    My very best to you.

    Kim and Derry

    1. You are so right - it's a very good thing we don't know when we are young. And actually, I think Ollie is rather proud of himself.

    2. You actually WILL prevail in this situation. There is truth to the saying about not looking back but focusing forward. Sit with a pen and paper and start again making possibilities that you can think of...and under it, ways you think you might do them. Think outside that litterbox too. :-) Sometimes you can't color in the lines. XXOO

  2. He does look very pleased with himself.
    I am sorry that you have to move again, and I am sure the cats will miss you too.

  3. Unless you caught him in the act, we say he’s innocent! We’re sorry to hear you have to move again. You’ve had so much change. We’re sure the furries will miss having you around.

  4. Where is your DNA evidence? Aha, all you have is supposition, therefore all kitties are non-guilty! Hope your apartment search is short.

  5. We know that face. We use it, too!

    We're sorry you have to move again. That's no fun even in the best of times. :-( We're glad that your comforter was saved though!

  6. Well, we're not convinced by that face, either. ;)

    Good news about the comforter! But we are sad to hear you have to move again. We are sure the fur people will be miss you. We hope you find a new place real soon. XO

  7. That is a bummer you will have to move. :-(

  8. I am VERY glad you saved the comforter; but I am very sorry too that the fur people won't have your presence to keep them steady and comforted. I am deeply sorry about this next upheaval in your life. It WILL resolve my friend..I just feel that it will. I am praying that in the month and a half you have yet, that you are able to find the job that fits you best and a place to live that works.

  9. so sorry you have to move again! I am sure your fur roommates will miss you~

  10. Oh the fate of holiday
    I’m glad your comforter is saved. But sorry to hear you have to be parted from your fur friends. I hope you will find a new place soon. xo

  11. Oh dear furries are you giving your roommate a few parting gifts.
    I'm so glad the comforter is fresh and fragrant again.
    Sending tons of hugs and prayers for your search for a new home.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Oh no! I am sorry you have to move again, that is so stressful. Plus you will be losing your fur friends. Glad the comforter is saved. XO

  13. We are very sorry to learn you will have to part from your fur friends !Purrayers and POTP to all of you.