Tuesday, December 3, 2019

It's a Good Thing I Love Cats

Because Sarah just peed on my down comforter. 

Her back to me, full bladder release, while I was reading in bed. 
I almost didn't realize, but she was in THAT position, and I'm thinking... no... she can't be...

I'd say that's a major sign of feline disapproval.
I hope I can salvage my comforter. I can't afford to replace it, 
but I can't keep something that smells of cat. 
Tonight it's soaking in Nature's Miracle while my duvet cover is washing.

Now what would SHE meow about this?
She was deprived of chips, that I ate in my room, while she and Tombo were elsewhere.
I did not share, as I often do. And she was hungry, because her human hadn't come home yet.

I'm pretty sure she feels completely guilt-free, vindicated.


  1. That is awful. I hope you can get the smell out.

  2. A friend who does a lot of fostering has been peed on to show that she is owned by the offender. Not that that makes you feel better.

  3. Well, that was pretty rude of her! That's never happened to our mom, and the one time Ivan peed on the futon, he was desperate (Mom had changed the brand of litter, and that sent him into orbit). She had to throw away the foam pad under the cover but at least the mattress was safe. We hope you can rescue your comforter.

  4. Shoot. I'm so sorry that happened! I do hope this is a one-off, and does not portend of any future behavior. :(

  5. Ugh! But yeah, what catladymac said, I think it means she has taken possession of you, or at least the comforter.

  6. Oh Sarah, how could you!! I hope your comforter recovers from it's soaking.

  7. Ugh. I, too, hope you can salvage the comforter. (If you can't, maybe check a local thrift shop for a "new" one? I've lucked out a few times at our local thrift stores, found amazing comforters and bedspreads, in terrific condition, but I know not everyone is okay with secondhand stuff.)

    I also hope, as Kevin commented, that this is a one-off!


  8. Sarah, I cannot believe you did that! How in the world COULD you have??? Did the comforter smell of other cats that you don't know? That was the worst and a silk duvet? Down ? Sarah!

  9. Ohh noo! It sure is a good thing that you love kitties...! I hope you can save your comforter.

  10. OOOOPZ !!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully this was a.. never will happen again incident... and she doesn't have an infection, or an aversion to using the litter box

  11. I agree with Trout Towne Tabbies comment; peeing like that is not normal. If she sprayed, then it would be territorial, but a full-bladder pee is an indicator of something is off. I hope her human takes her to the vet for a check-up.

    1. She was just mad. And hungry. She's done this to her human too. Too well do I know the signs of a cat UTI.

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  13. If the link I copied doesn't work it is called "Kids 'N' Pets Stain and Odor Remover" and you can search Amazon for it.

  14. Well, that wasn’t very nice of her, was it. We hope you can get the comforter clean again.

  15. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, thankful you where home and it didn't sit there soaked with pp for 8 or 9 hours.
    I hope you can get it scent free
    Hugs Cecilia