Sunday, December 8, 2019

About that Face

I should have explained why I knew it was Ollie that attacked the innocent Christmas cookies.

He was born feral, and lived outside for the first 3-4 months of his life. My roommate was determined to get him inside for a safe life, and he accomplished that by luring him in with food.
He placed the meals further away from the back door each time, eventually getting the door shut before the orange boy could make it back out again, at last.

I'm told the aftermath wasn't pretty. He ran straight into the glass door at full speed;
then hid for days inside. Adjustment was difficult. He was absolutely terrified,
but it was the beginning of a life of safety and plenty.

However, Oliver didn't quite get that memo, and ever since (maybe three years now) has been highly food insecure. He has to be fed in a crate so everyone else can eat, or he will get their food too.
He's right there for every meal eaten by humans. Food left out will get assaulted, as you've seen.
He will lick pans and cups and cutlery. In fact, forks and spoons left in the
sink will get dragged out onto the floor for intense cleaning. 

I've stepped on quite a few forks in the mornings!

So yeah, it was totally him.

PS: though no one suffered any kind of chocolate poisoning, I was told that there were aftereffects. Let's just say that 1. the litterbox situation was NOT pleasant, and 
2. I'm very glad I wasn't the one to clean up after that.


  1. Well, that DOES explain things. Poor Ollie. It was him, but it wasn't really his fault when you think about it.

  2. That is sad about Ollie's history. :-(

  3. Poor precious boy- but he did ultimately get rescued. I would tend to do things by the numbers so to speak, but that is not always the best way to do things on the fly. The result is what counts, bless Ollie's innocent heart and I am grateful to your roommate for caring. I love your wording about intense cleaning :-) and I'm afraid though it wasn't funny at all to you and it sure wouldn't be to ME either..I smiled at "stepping on quite a few forks" in the morning. xox

  4. Poor Ollie. We're glad he's safe, though. My first adoptee, Chumley, who had passed before I started blogging, had been poorly treated (I think by a male/males, because he was afraid of all men except my dad), had abandonment issues and food issues all his life. They're just like us, they come with emotional baggage, so it's wonderful that Ollie has a safe home now, with someone who has made the adjustments (i.e. to feeding) that Ollie needs. Purrs to him from Derry.

  5. Oh sweet Ollie. I'm glad he is safe and has plenty to eat. I hope he will get over his food insecurity one day. xo

  6. Sweet guy! At least he is safe and healthy and loved!

  7. Looks like the book is closed on this caper!

  8. Poor Ollie. I am glad he was trapped and now lives a safe life, even though he does have problems remembering the food is plentiful.

  9. Poor guy had a terrible beginning. We're glad he found the one who would care enough about him to make him a home boy, even if he still eats everything in sight. Izzy is food insecure too, which is why he's monitored at dinner so others get theirs.

  10. dood....frum one feral ta nother, eye understand.. tho eye waz lured in at 2 monthz...while eye haz never tried a cookee, doez knot meen eye wont... tho sew far.. eye due noe eye due knot like cheeze ~~

    mackerull BJBF ☺☺♥♥

  11. I am glad Oliver has a good life now-despite his issues. Glad he is OK. XO

  12. Oh if we could converse with our furries...
    Bless his heart.
    Hugs Cecilia