Thursday, December 26, 2019

Post Christmas

I hope everyone and their fur people enjoyed their Christmas. 
Not much happened here, except the usual catly antics.
Which, even though they are just normal parts of living with cats,
never cease to be entertaining. Even when they are frustrating.

Lately Miss Sarah has laid claim to the chair in my room, the one
I often use to be on the laptop. She's so attached to it that if I'm in it and she wants to be,
she slips into it. That gray is me. You see she didn't let me sit in her way. In fact, as she slid
in behind me, I kept having to shift forward. I'm sitting on the very edge here.
I'm pretty sure she is wondering when I'm going to do the decent thing and just get up.

Speaking of laptops, sitting on mine is a popular pasttime,
especially with Princess Raji. She was doing catloaf when I got the camera but moved.
She is just the prettiest cat. She and Sarah enjoy chasing each other.

Finally, a cat is using Leia's bed ! I was very happy to see this.
Mattisse has been in it several times over the past week.
Speaking of, he's getting a tooth extracted next week if his health allows.
He's 18, so I hope he comes through this well. He has other health problems too.


  1. Laptops are usually warm - I like to sit on em too sometimes.

  2. I’ve been known to sit on the laptop...and on the mom’s chair too. ~Ernie

  3. Angel Leia is smiling I know!!!
    CRAZY Madi the only thing she would sit on was 1 million layers of anything soft. I Tried convincing her my lap was very soft...but I was never successful
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Let Matisse know I am purring for him to have an uneventful dental!

  5. It’s so sweet Mattisse is using Leia’s bed! I hope his dental will go well. Sarah and Raji got nice spots to relax, too :-)

  6. I am sending good thoughts for Matisse and his dental next week. It is nice that he is using Leia's bed.

  7. I am so glad he tried it out and liked it. That was dear of you to let him have it. Love to him; and his dental procedure will go well. XXX

  8. We do a lot of typing on the puter. TBT doesn't allus appreciate it. Like yesserday he was trying to "restore" some file and I (Iza) changed it. Sometimes we change things so much he has ta spend an hour figuring out what we did.

    Well, it keeps his brain werking, ya know?

    He doesn't appreciate our efforts enough sometimes...

  9. It's so nice that Matisse is using Leia's bed. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers for his dental next week. Gracie is a notorious seat taker here. :)

  10. sending Mattisse lots of purrs and prayers for the dental!

  11. Hmm, must be the warmth of the laptop that draws us, no? Happy New Year!!