Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emergency Purrayers Needed

We just found out that our dear furriend Ollie from Stella's had a terrible accident. He's at the vet's now and really needs all of our purrayers, and so does his Mom.

Please go visit her.

Update: We are glad to report that Ollie will be coming home tonight. But as you can imagine, the Stabby Place bills are kinda high. There will be an auction to help with that, or you can donate directly, if you can. If you're considering bidding on the art, trust us, you will be thrilled at what you get. We won a wall quilt awhile back from them, and it's on our wall now. It's really beautiful, and we are thrilled to have it.

1 comment:

  1. We didn't get a chance to pop over to visit (we were without internets today but it's back up now), we hope Ollie will be doing much better. We'll check out the auction. Thanks for letting us know!