Thursday, February 6, 2014


Mom was able to convince the mouse to go out the front door, with the help of some peanut butter. It was pretty much eager to get out of this house with two kittehs and a crazy woman with a broom.

Yes, she closed us in our bedroom and sat in the living room with a broom, waiting on the mouse. She planned on a little hockey, just needed the opposing team to come onto the field. Eventually it showed up and made a beeline for the door, where it squeezed out through the corner opening.

And today the exterminator shows up to put traps under the house.

Hopefully this will be the end of the Mouse in the House Saga.


  1. We hope this saga is over ! Our Mommy gets a little crazy if a mouse shows up here, too. But it can be pretty entertaining in the meantime.... HahaMeow!

    Happy Thursday, kittehz!

  2. Mum said she's glad she got rid of that nasty thing! Let's hope those traps really do the job... Poor Mum!

  3. As much fun as a mouse can be, is it really worth the ensuing mom freakout? I think I'd rather have a moth!

  4. Aw, your human (and the exterminator) ruined all the excitement!

  5. Glad your mum persuaded Mr Mousie to leave. I bring them in from outdoors for my mum and I don't always kill them first.