Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Am Not a Vet...

but I do know *my* cats. And I believe that Toby had two problems, not just one. The vet was focused on the dry stools, but the limp was what confused me.

On Monday I started them on wet food. I was afraid that he might not eat the wet if dry was available, and the last thing I wanted was to end up having another fun procedure on his nether regions. So I fed them just wet.

Yeah, this caused some problems on the other end, but nothing severe. On Thursday I noticed he was showing signs of distress in the litterbox so I called the vet. She gave him Amoxicillin to help settle his stomach. I'm happy to say that Tobers is 100% better this Sunday than last. 

I think his *real* problem was his limp, that didn't fully go away until the Amoxi kicked in. I think Leia bit the tar out of him prior to last Sunday and caused some injury. She likes to go for the hips and thighs because that's the safest place for her to play attack him. 

I've been monitoring litterbox activity so closely since Thursday, I'm pretty sure the cats think I'm a complete weirdo by now! But Toby wasn't passing anything and hadn't since early Thursday am, so I  needed to know. That resolved this morning, thank Ceiling Cat. 

I have to say I don't enjoy feline medical mysteries! 

We hope all our furriends and their families have a wonderful and sunny Sunday.

PS: We have several other CB-rs that we know of with medical issues of their own, especially Moosey and Ollie and the Fuzzy Tales lads. Please know that I am praying for all of us.


  1. It's true, the vets are treating only the symptoms, usually, and don't *know* us as individuals, really -- so it's best if they listen to the cat moms and dads and work in conjunction with them. We're glad Toby is better now!

    We appreciate the prayers....We're still not feeling well, but today's the first day our human is actually calm and rational enough to think we might survive. (Whether SHE makes it through this is another matter. She says with all the steam therapy we've had in the bathroom, her skin should be glowing by now...but maybe you need sleep for that, more than steam. Ha.)

  2. I am glad Toby is doing better. I think you are right - when a human is living with a cat, s/he sees what is going on with them 24/7 and often has a broader view of what is going on than a vet can have just from the symptoms and an office check up.

  3. I'm glad things are settling. It's so hard to tell your mom what's happening when she doesn't speak your language!

  4. Glad to read he's doing better! Could the pain in his leg have made it difficult to squat, leading up to being constipated? Just a theory.

  5. Glad everything is moving along now. Purrs

  6. We're glad Toby is doing better now. And like Katnip Lounge said, maybe Toby was having some problems squatting.

  7. We are so glad you know your cats so well, and glad to know that Toby is okay. :)

    Thanks for purring for Moosey, and for our pals Nicki, Derry and Ollie. We love and appreciate you!

  8. We know what you mean: sometimes there are various little things that only a mummy cat can spot. Thank Cod you've got nice vets who work with you on this. Our are pawsome too. Good to hear Toby is better again, the little tyke.