Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breaking News:: MOUSE in the house!

Ok, technically, Mouse On the Ledge over the Closet. Or it was.

Mom freaked out. She came into the bedroom and saw us both staring up.

She tried to be nice, getting a container and a long stick to try and get OUR toy outside.

But no. It fell off the ledge, plopped onto the floor and scurried into the closet.

She shut the door. She's hoping it may find a way outside through the closet.

WE aren't  hoping for that at all.

Update: ANOTHER one! or maybe the same one that got out of the closet. Who knows? I (Toby) let Mom know there was something going on by the sliding glass doors and she investigated. It ran out right by her feet. The noise she made was very entertaining, but hard to describe. Not precisely a scream....

Update #2: Mom's landlord is calling an exterminator. Can't be soon enough for her. She also made mention of wanting our ginger furriend Eric to teleport over and use his fine hunting skills... Hey, Mom, I think you just insulted us!  After our nap, we can totally take care of this thing.


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel for your mom! I'm gonna go stand on a chair just at the thought.....

    1. You really should. I've seen it several times this morning. Serious EWWWWW!!!

  2. Hahaha! We'd be disappointed to lose our toy, though.

    Sometimes our human has to rescue mice or moles or voles from our little back space, so she thinks they're cute. But she doesn't want them in the house!

  3. Humans are so excitable! I know you kitties would take care of that mouse (mice?) when you felt like it.

  4. Oh Oh OMC!!! Mum is freaking...she hate mice but we love them! Alas...mum doesn't have any...the man with the pump-it knocks them dead and he takes them home to eat himself... silly man!

    Miss Kitty Izzy & Ino

  5. Wait, she wants to get rid of YOUR toy? How rude!

  6. We've never seen a live mouse. Can you send him here? What, Mom...

    Never mind, we like our treats just fine, thank you.

  7. That is a lot of excitement! I don't know if you meant my brother Eric, but I am sure he was watching with interest from The Bridge. I would be willing to teleport over and exterminate them for you.
    Purrs Flynn