Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Caturday

Dear furriends, we were hanging out today, enjoying what little bit of sun we could find, when the Noise started.

First, it was the big Noisey Beast. She ran it all over the house, including the bedroom. We had to hide from that.

Then, right after that, came the smaller but no less noisy, Noisy Beast. This one she holds in her hand and... and.... it's hard to believe anyone, even a hoomin, would do this, but she POINTS IT AT HER HEAD!  Wow.

I mean, isn't she afraid it's going to eat her hair? Attack her head? At least the big Beast, that one she walks behind so it doesn't have as much opportunity to go for her. The other, we can't fathom at all.

Ah well. It's quiet now so it's time for our naps.


  1. My human does the same thing, pointing that contraption on her head! I stare at her when she does this, so once she pointed it in my direction... and I ran!

  2. The small noisy beast is nearly as bad as the big one!

  3. Good Cod. Is there no end to peeps' crazypantedness?

    Apparently not.

  4. We don't like the big Noisy Beast, either! It's so scary!! Thankfully our human doesn't have a small noisy beast. We hope you were able to nap in peace.