Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cousin Max

Our woofie cousin, Max, who lives in Florida,
needs your purrayers. His liver is being a bit cranky lately, and
today he's going to the Stabby Place for an ultrasound to check for tumors and such.

They didn't find anything on the ultrasound, but still don't know
why the bloodwerk isn't right. So Max is on meds for the next three months.
Thank you every kitteh for your purrayers!


  1. Oh noes! We will turn on the purrs right away for cousin Max!

  2. I hope Max is just being cranky to be cranky, and he doesn't have anything wrong!

  3. We hope Cousin Max is okay...we're purring for him!

  4. I'm sorry. Hope they can find out what it is and give meds.

  5. Special purrs that everything will be okay.

  6. You got it. 12 big purrs coming your way, Cousin Max!

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  8. Uh oh! We'll be sending some purrs and prayers you cousie's way.

  9. Purrayers to Max and hoping the good doc will know what is wrong soon. Stay strong Max, us kitties are wishing for a speedy recovery!

  10. Poor Max. We're purring loudly for him!

  11. Purring for Max! We hope he gets better soon!