Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday

Wow, are we ever glad it's Friday. I mean, every day is Friday for us kittehs, of course, but ... All of you who have to listen to your Moms and Dads complain about werk know what we mean. And even when they aren't yowling about it, still, they AREN'T HOME and that can be bad.

We need stuff you know. Like Porch Time.. more foods... fresh running water from the sink... napping partners... head scritches... clean litterboxes... which require thumbs. To be fair, even if we had thumbs we'd still need hoomins to actually do these things. Kittehs do NOT do menial labor, after all.

So yeah.. bring on the Friday! We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


  1. Yes, we need the servants. We just don't want to tell them how much.

  2. We're glad the weekend is almost here too! Take care and have a purrfect Saturday and Sunday!

  3. You know, we do kinda love our Mommies & Daddies too...just a little...and not just for the chores!

  4. My human is self-employed and works at home, so she never notices what day it is. She's sort of cat-like in that way. Except for the working part.

  5. Heehee! We love the weekend too! Actually our mummy doesn't work (so she's a cat basically) and our daddy works on the weekends because he's in an orchestra, so he doesn't get a weekend til monday and tuesday actually. mawhawhaw!
    Have a great weekend!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  6. Oh No! It's already Sunday here. FAZ

  7. Oops it's going to be Monday for a lotta beans tomorrow...our Momma is a stay at home Momma so days of the week are all the same.


  8. Well it's already Monday here but my mum stayed home with me today so it was good. I hear she has to go to work tomorrow though.