Sunday, May 2, 2010

In the Doghouse Now

Oohhhhhhh you'll never guess what happened Sunday night! Toby is in BIG, BIG trouble. He BIT the Mom. And she's really not happy with him now.

He was hanging out on the front porch enjoying the night breezes. Mom decided we had to come in, but Toby was doing his lounging thing and didn't wanna. Mom tried the various ways she uses to get him to come in, but he was just being stubborn. Finally she tried to get him on his feet but he was laying on his side, and rolled over on his back so he could wrap his paws around her arm and then he BIT her! Boy, was she mad.

Mom started fussing at him, so he finally came in. And I got a good look at her arm.. not bad, really. Barely any teeth marks at all, no broken skin or anything, but I think she's still a bit ticked at him.

But it was still kinda funny. I *never* do anything wrong. I'm starting to see why Ginger from Cory's blog likes her gossip sessions so much!

- Leia


  1. It's always fun to tell on the siblings. I'm glad your mom's arm is okay.

  2. Glad your mom's arm isn't too hurty!

  3. Oh, that's very naughty of Toby. We're glad your mom isn't really hurt. Maybe she can lure him in with treats, that always works for us!

    Annie bit our human once, when our human was out walking her on a leash and they ran into another cat. Our human stupidly picked Annie up to remove/protect her (because neither cat was backing down) and Annie redirected her aggression and bit our human--five teeth marks, lots of blood, swelling, etc. That was the last time our human walked Annie! That was almost 5 years ago now. Our human even went for a tetanus booster, just in case.

  4. Yes, tattling is fun!
    Johnny bit Mommy's finger once and it swelled up like a sausage! It was an accident.
    We hope your Mommy's arm heals up quick and Toby gets in her good graces ASAP.
    xx lounge kats

  5. Uh oh Toby...we knows the Mom's don't like toof marks...I do nip my Momma but I never try to break the skin.


  6. I have bitten mum and dad before. They rightfully say it was their own faults for annoying me.