Friday, November 15, 2013

I Haz a Suspicion.....

My Mom and I were snorgling today. She was giving me the usual - head and tail scritches,
letting me rub my chin against her face, all the normal stuff.

She also likes to give me big compliments. Which I love and agree with. Yes, I'm beautiful, soft, graceful, intelligent, wonderful, with the most beautiful green eyes, and I especially agree that Toby does NOT deserve me. I love him, but he really is a cad with me.

Then she starts with how I'm the most beautiful, etc, kitteh in all the world. And I realize - she says pretty much the same thing to Tobers! When I point this out to her, she says the same thing can be true for all kittehs in the world at the same time. That we are all the most beautiful, wonderful, etc., ever ever ever.

There is a flaw here somewhere, I'm just not sure where.


  1. Hmmm. I agree with you, Leia. My human has a habit of telling me I'm the best little cat in the whole house… when I'm the ONLY little cat! The other two are twice my size!

  2. Rotten blogger has eaten my comment. It keeps doing that lately! My mum has always told me I am the most handsome little man in all the world. I used to hear her telling Eric he was the most handsome big man in all the world.