Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Word about Litter Box Liners

The feline community here is taking the day off, so it's my turn!

And I want to talk about... litter box liners. It's unbelievable what I've been going through lately just to find durable liners. Unscented. Not even going to talk about price, either. Until recently we used Jonny Cat liners. Those critters were very tough.

Then they started carrying only the scented ones. Anyone who knows cats, knows they hate scented stuff. Also, who wants to do anything to risk putting them off using the boxes? That's got to be one of the Top 5 in Unwanted Cat Issues! I've tried two others since, neither were very good.

FINALLY I found a good substitute today - Boots & Barkley liners. So far I'm very pleased with them. Paws crossed that they don't start with scents.

In other random news.....

I had to verify that I'm not a bot earlier today. What this site used was amazing and unique. Never seen anything like it, so I made a screen shot. And here it is!
 Wishing everyone and their furry families a great pre-Thanksgiving week!

- Cathy, Leia & Toby


  1. That is the sort of word verification I wouldn't mind doing! I hate the largely unreadable blogger WV, but at least there are very few bloggers who use it now.

  2. Good to know that factoid about spam bots!!!


  3. OMC, I want to know what site had the anti-spambots kittehs! It's important for me to go there to get verified!

    BTW, I don't get what the deal is with adding scent to liners OR litter! The only kind of scent either should have is the kind formulated to attract kitties, not the perfume-y junk - even most humans don't care for those cheap, prefab smells!

    1. I went here: and sent them an email.

  4. Our mom uses regular white plastic kitchen bags for trash cans. She puts the litter box inside the bag then fills it with litter. She pulls the bag off so its inside out when its time to change the litter and puts a new bag on. If any kitty uses their claws to cover things, then the bag will shred but since only Oui Oui covers over, that isn't a problem for us.

  5. I like that cute verification thing.

  6. we don't use liners here....but that spambot thingie is pretty cute!!

  7. What a cute spambot !
    Not sure what liners is ? Google translates it furry weird :)
    I use catlitter with babypowder and I think that smell is alright. But don't you dare to come home with lavender sented !