Friday, November 29, 2013

So the Mom Went Shopping...

and let's stop right there. Do you ever dread, or feel suspicious about, their shopping trips? You just never know what they are going to drag home, do you?

And after today, we will carefully inspect everything she tries to get in the door. Because we might just want to put down a firm paw on it.

She bought a new sofa. A NEW SOFA!!! Do you, dear furriends, know what this means?

• Strangers in the house
• Rearranging of everything in the living room!!!
• A complete disruption of all that we have been comfortable with for years now
• WHY?

Ok, well, we might be willing to consider this. It does add extra seating for us all, and more impawtantly, will keep Mom from sometimes making us move from the bed during the day for her own naps, etc.

And she swears she did all she could to make this as feline friendly as possible.


  1. A new sofa?! After the requisite disruption, that HAS to be awesome.

  2. New sofas are always fun! You can hide while the intruders are in the house and while things are being moved, and after that, it's just awesome!

  3. Oh, what bliss! Just think of the possibilities...

  4. Just think of all the new smells you can add to the sofa

  5. A new sofa! Just think of the fun you can have furring it up and getting it as you want it.