Saturday, March 15, 2014

Toby on Sunday

Mom took me to the Stabby Place yesterday. AGAIN. It was pretty awful. Many big, noisy woofies, smelly, and the people weren't so nice really. They violated my dignity, and DIDN'T CLEAN ME UP. Mom is really upset about that part.

I was the most miserable I have ever been by the time I made it home. I stayed in my mancat cave for several hours. I'm a lot better now. Mom cleaned me with some wipes, and eventually I started grooming myself, so I smell pretty good now. And then I wanted tons of attention.

The vet put me on Laxatone twice daily for two months. They took xrays again but found no sign of megacolon or obstructions. For some reason the water just keeps getting sucked out of my... umm... I don't want to meow this in mixed company... that stuff.

I really hope this works. I'm becoming a bit traumatized over the PTU, the car ride, the Stabby Place.

Mom is also unhappy that the Stabby Place lady from last time never thought about prevention. She says this episode probably could have been avoided.


  1. Oh TOBY!!! We feel so badly for you...Mommy can't believe the vet sent you home all poopy. That's Not Right. We left you a comment on your last post about Miralax, btw.

  2. When Caitie started on thyroid meds she started to have stool problems. She wouldn't eat food with unflavored Metamucil but she did respond to Miralax. The human staff puts 1/2 teaspoon in her wet food 2 times a day, and Caitie has been much better since. Toby is bigger and may need a bit more, but ask your vet about that. We hope you come up with something that helps.

  3. How awful, Toby. :-( I hope you are better with the Laxatone and you don't have to go through that ordeal again.

  4. Yes, I remember Miralax being recommended for Annie, when she was constipated (recommended by the vet). Annie was small, though, don't think I did more than 1/4 tsp at a time, if even that. It's hard to remember, it's too long ago.

    Do you know Cheri at Cats of Wildcat Woods? I wonder if she would have any suggestions....Don't know. But she has treated her cats with homeopathy for years, there might be some solution there. I don't know, I'm tossing out suggestions.

    Purrs from the boys for poor Toby, universal Light from me!

  5. There's a page of products on the site for bowel and digestive health:

    I have NO idea how well any of these would work, and it might take trying one or two, if you're open to non-pharmaceuticals.

    I will say that their UTI-Free has been a godsend for Derry (for his cystitis), and I'm now giving Nicki their AmazaPet for his asthma/bronchial problems.

    Derry has had the UTI-Free for 18 months, and I rate it a 5 out of 5. Nicki's only been on the AmazaPet for 18 days, so I can't say if it will work long-term. In the short term, so far, yes, knock on wood.

    I wasn't as happy with their Respo-K (for both boys, for the virus), but that could have been the particular strain, or I might not have given it a fair trial (5 days without improvement). So not every product will work for every cat or every situation, or might take longer than a handful of days to make a difference.

  6. So sorry to read about your ordeal! One of my boys sometimes gets constipated. I usually add a bit of pumpkin in their meal, and when he has difficulty, I give a bit of Laxatone. It always works for him. I hope it works for you, too.

  7. Poor Toby, that is not right that they didn't clean you up afterwards. I hope the Laxatone helps.

  8. Oh, Toby. I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time! I hope something helps so that you don't have to go through this again! (Or your mom, either!)

  9. Aw, Toby. We're sorry you had to go through all that. Hopefully, the laxatone stuff will help you.

  10. We don't blame you for being upset with the stabby place people. They don't sound very competent - didn't even clean you up. Feel better soon.

  11. Poor Toby. That sounds horrible! We sure hope the Laxatone helps you!

  12. Oh, Toby...I'm so sorry about your visit to the stubby place. I feel your pain...I suppose you could say I have a "reputation" at the vet. I hope your Laxatone works for you.
    Take care,